Executive Order 2020-70 to reopen construction on Thursday, May 7. Below are details from the order.

ABC of Michigan released the statement below regarding the order.

Effective at 12:01 am on May 7, 2020, workers in the construction industry, including workers in the building trades (plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and similar workers), subject to the enhanced social-distancing rules described in section 11(i) of this order can return to work.

Businesses or operations in the construction industry must also:

  1. Adhere to all of the provisions in subsection (h) of this section.
  2. Designate a site-specific supervisor to monitor and oversee the implementation of COVID-19 control strategies developed under subsection (a) of this section. The supervisor must remain on-site at all times during activities. An on-site worker may be designated to perform the supervisory role.
  3. Conduct a daily entry screening protocol for workers and visitors entering the worksite, including a questionnaire covering symptoms and exposure to people with possible COVID-19, together with, if possible, a temperature screening.
  4. Create dedicated entry point(s) at every worksite, if possible, for daily screening as provided in subprovision (3) of this subsection, or in the alternative issue stickers or other indicators to workers to show that they received a screening before entering the worksite that day.
  5. Require face shields or masks to be worn when workers cannot consistently maintain six feet of separation from other workers.
  6. Provide instructions for the distribution of personal protective equipment and designate on-site locations for soiled masks.
  7. Encourage or require the use of work gloves, as appropriate, to prevent skin contact with contaminated surfaces.
  8. Identify choke points and high-risk areas where workers must stand near one another (such as hallways, hoists and elevators, break areas, water stations, and buses) and control their access and use (including through physical barriers) so that social distancing is maintained.
  9. Ensure there are sufficient hand-washing or hand-sanitizing stations at the worksite to enable easy access by workers.
  10. Notify contractors (if a subcontractor) or owners (if a contractor) of any confirmed COVID-19 cases among workers at the worksite.
  11. Restrict unnecessary movement between project sites.
  12. Create protocols for minimizing personal contact upon delivery of materials to the worksite.

Due to the Requirements of the State of Michigan Executive Order 2020-70, all persons intending to access a Tridonn Construction Job Site are required to fill out the Covid-19 Health questionnaire before being allowed on site. This questionnaire must be filled out each day prior to entering the job site. Please click on the link below for the questionnaire.

Tridonn Construction Covid-19 Health Questionnaire


COVID-19 Workplace Requirements Guidance Document